Tulum Vegan Travel Guide

3rd. edition | Ebook release!

This guide is made of details. It contains vegan inspiration. Here I gathered places that I know, that I like, that have a story and that compose the vegan and vegan friendly map of Tulum.

This guide for travelers and nomads is the third edition for Tulum and the first book in the Vegan Travel by Florentine collection.

In this book I share my lifestyle, with the purpose of contributing from my experience, of bringing community and friends along the way. For the animals, for the planet, for all of us. Because I believe that this way of living has the power to transform the world and our lives.

Florentine exists where writing and vegan life meet, where the sea, animals and people converse, where inspiration and lifestyle go hand in hand, where cultures and cuisines tell stories.

These pages are not intended to be an exhaustive or definitive guide, it is just pure travel and vegan inspiration. Because no two paths are the same, because each journey is different.

Create your own itinerary.

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